The Tipsy Gardener Handmade Gifts & Tiny Living Treasures

What Started As A Hobby & Appreciation Has Officially Transformed Into A Full-Fledged PASSION!

Loving Everything About These Beauties, I Knew They Needed To Be Displayed In Art That Matched The Uniqueness Of The Plants Themselves

Throw In A Few Happy Hours Into The Creative Process & The Tipsy Gardener Was Born!!

Beer, Champagne & Whiskey.. It's All Welcome In The Garden

Gracie Is The Official Mascot Of The Tipsy Gardener Team!

She Loves Attending Events & Saying Hello

You Won't Be Able To Miss Her, She'll Be The One With The Sassy Smile & Curly Tail

We Are Based In Sunny South Florida & Love Attending Local Events In The Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale & Wynwood Area

Down The Road We Have Big Dreams Of Traveling Around The Country & Creating New Living Art Creations That Appeal To Everyone & Bring The Beauty Of Nature Inside